Durocast Table Tops are manufactured using the highest grade urethane available.  The cutting surfaces always providing a smooth, non-contaminated working surface. Our standard size, color and gauge table tops can be certified to be silicone free.  We recommend our Airhold 10 CBS for holding Durocast to the table.

Benefits Include:

  • Durocast is a silicone free, non-shedding material that will decrease the risk of prepreg contamination, unlike metal, glass or wood.
  • Non-slip smooth surface will help prevent cutting errors and hand injury.
  • Custom sizes can be tailor made for your work shop tables, protects the entire work surface and avoids unsafe overhangs.
  • Reversible table top, provides double value for your money.
  • Easily cleaned with isoprophyl alcohol to prevent cross contamination and extend life.
  • Reduces blade wear and cutting effort resulting in lower cost and improved quality of cut materials.

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