Airtech manufactures a variety of quality of vac valves. Here are a few that we are highlighting:

Benefits Include:
Premium MV407

  • Solid body design combines the male quick disconnect & thru-bag connector, eliminating potential leak paths.
  • Stainless steel construction ensures corrosion resistance & long life.


  • Made of lightweight aluminum for easy handling.
  • Threaded locking ring creates a tight mechanical seal, reducing potential leaks.


  • Made of machined stainless steel with a threaded base plate ensures corrosion resistance & long life.
  • Machined raised ring on the base and high temperature silicone seal provide a positive seal, eliminating potential leaks.

VV509, VV519, and VV425

  • Self-cutting – perforates the bagging film when the top piece is inserted and threaded into the base plate.
  • No knives or scissors needed, saving time.

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